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to the Love Of Dogs Episode 1 In tv show one, Paul falls crazy about two year old Frankie, A British Bulldog with a huge psyche and a very expressive face, Who has downside to his legs. Battersea vet Phil can work out what the problem is but suspects it might be neurological. Phil speaks: Got some buddys at the vet college so we going to refer him up there for tests that we can do here in the home and get a better idea of what wrong with him. He is michael kors factory outlet on facebook 75 pounds and Battersea don even have a water bowl big enough for him. He looks intimidating but actually is gentle giant who loves to slobber and sleep. While the vet waits for michael kors cheap wallets the test results an extra shot, Paul spends even more time with Frankie and their bond begins to grow. Paul proclaims: Very good-looking Frankie, has anyone ever told you that? You got nothing which really can be fixed I sure. The pet dogs need feeding every two hours, Day and day time, And some of the Battersea staff will be playing Mum for the following few weeks. But feeding isn the only maternal duty they suffer from. In order to encourage a puppy to go to the toilet alone, The

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mother usually licks them on the bottom to stimulate their bathroom michael kors outlet break. Paul is tasked with using an alternative to help the puppies and inevitably ends up with soaking trousers. Paul is marked: Think this one got one falling, Cos he making that noise that old people on commodes make. Oh look he peeing michael kors outlet for England all over me. I don pee because of this, really wants to you. Head Vet Shaun breaks what is this great, Afraid what is this great isn good. What we were all thinking was a disc compressing on the spine. But I afraid the not so great is, He actually got quite a unique condition, A cyst the particular spine. you'll find very few cases out there, It incredibly rare. Paul predicts: Absolutely shell shocked well. i really didn't know it could be this serious. She living down in Somerset. substantial space, Other dogs identical. correct his medicated bath, He smelling must fresher but Paul has one last trick up his sleeve to help King appeal to his new new owners: What I got for everyone, It a rose bag. Old ladies insert them in their knicker drawers but it makes handsome fellas like you lastest michael kors online smell nice. The magic of Battersea is in matching an array of dogs with all kids of owners. Think it because all the family can watch it. You can sit down with every age group. they love it. I always getting kids coming to me about it. i think it just a feel good show and it shows you the work that goes on at Battersea as well. People don know about how they work but it is remarkable. In this series received nine puppies, Rejected by their mum and hand reared by the staff at Battersea. They drive them home and they bottle feed them every two hours, Then they are available in michael kors purses outlet and do a full day work. They totally faithful. knowning that it goes on for three weeks, each night. She was in a dreadful state and as thin as a charge card. She was left tied michael kors outlet store to a power gate, On the

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coldest night feasible. the security guard had the good sense to turn the gates off and open them manually because if he opened them with the button they have crushed her to death. On the CCTV you can see a fella tie her to the gate, Get in the vehicle and race off and it makes you sick. outrageous. What saddens me the most is I go in the kennel to see her, She doesn can be sure me from Adam, But she all-around me like a rash. She pleasant, Such a girlfriend. What you find these types of abused dogs is they are so friendly, After what humans have done to them someone thinks they shy away but they don It breaks your heart. the thing is I already got four dogs, Four barn owls, Eight chickens, Ten lamb and six pigs. It is dedication, cats, And I lucky I got people which helped me to because if I had to do it all on my own I wouldn be able to work. It fulltime. When I get home from filming at Battersea my michael kors outlet united kingdom dogs sniff me and look at me like I been disloyal. It something like a bit of lipstick on your collar. But I had to hold out the moment, It not honest. If I wasn at work, There be no preventing me.

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